It was by pure chance, the 'TURTLES' discovered the secret of the perfect coffee roast. Using their homemade roaster and only the best green beans sourced from around the world they roasted batch after batch.

Facing defeat, and overcome with exhaustion, the crew collapsed. They awoke just in time to save their latest creation from a fiery end. It was amongst the burning ruins that they discovered the most beautiful, dark, rich bean ever roasted.

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The Turtles have swum the world’s greatest oceans from Africa to South America, all while keeping one eye on those pesky killer whales and sharks. We have crawled up the highest mountains of India …. albeit slowly…  and descended into the scary dark valleys of Papua New Guinea, all in search of the very best green beans this beautiful planet could offer. Storing them in our warm dry shells for the long homeward journey, we lovingly roast them, to bring Kiwis our finest Turtle Coffee. 

To power us for the long dangerous journey, we only bring along a couple jars of our most secret Screaming Turtle Peanut Butter. A Peanut Butter so great, and so secret, we have only recently shared it with our Kiwi friends. 
So from the Turtles to all you Kiwis, we hope you love our Coffee and Peanut Butter as much as we love making it for you.


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